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Trauma Resuscitation

When dealing with multi-system trauma, physician every minute is critical. The Golden Hour of trauma resuscitation is the most important time in saving a patient’s life. It is in this time frame that LifeMedix® products can make a difference. STATfusion™ is LifeMedix’s® answer to making this difference. This unique intravenous infusion system gives the care giver the option of administering titrated or measured bolus intravenous fluids to patients in need.   Our focus is on treatment during The Golden Hour by addressing airway, visit web breathing, and especially circulatory shock.  We have developed a ultra-portable anti-shock device. This patent-pending device works to help treat and prevent shock. The shock may be from acute traumatic blood loss, dehydration or sepsis. The device treats all of these causes of shock.

The device has been designed especially for use in the pre-hospital setting by military medics and civilian paramedics. It can be used in the far-forward combat setting for injured patients suffering from shock. Doctors or nurses may also utilize it in hospitals, operating rooms, critical care units and emergency departments where rapid circulatory resuscitation is required.  Additionally, the device can be used in rural international areas as well as mass-casualty and natural disaster situations.

The prevention of shock is paramount in reducing morbidity and mortality in the injured or ill patient. Furthermore, if shock is immediately addressed, ICU stays can be shortened and cost can be contained.



Information Technology at the Point of Care

In the acute setting, frequently the management of health care  information is critical in making life-saving decisions. LifeMedix® is an innovator in the field of mobile health care technology. Through it’s innovations, LifeMedix® helps patients manage complex diseases like diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure in conjunction with their doctors. In addition, LifeMedix® is developing a point-of-care patient satisfaction tool for use by hospitals and clinics. This comes as CMS/Medicare will begin withholding 1 percent of its payments to hospitals starting in October 2012. That money — $850 million in the first year — will go into a pool to be doled out as bonuses to hospitals that score above average on several measures. A complimentary trial can be downloaded at STAT-survey.com.





We are dedicated to developing products that save lives in the pre-hospital setting, the battlefield, and critical care medicine.

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